We are a research family with diversity in:

  • Professional backgrounds and experiences
  • Current areas of interest and fields of study
  • Geographic and cultural backgrounds
  • Academic, professional, and personal interests
  • Professional and personal goals

Here is Our Research Family:

Marisa Exter, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research interests: instructional design and computing education, professional skill development, lifelong learning skills and attitudes, and interdisciplinary learning experiences.

Background: 15+ years in computer science and software design; 7 years as an LDT faculty

Email: mexter@purdue.edu

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Wanju Huang, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Research interests: computer-mediated communication, online learning, scenario-based learning, augmented reality and virtual reality, and faculty development.

Background: Extensive experience as a learning designer, manager, and an LDT faculty

Email: wanjuhuang@purdue.edu 

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Iryna Ashby, MA, MSEd (ABD)
PhD Candidate

Research interests: interdisciplinary education, competency-based education, and talent development

Background: linguistics and translation studies (BA and MA), psychology (BA), learning design and technology (MSEd)

Email: iashby@purdue.edu

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Carolina Cuesta, MSc
PhD Student

Research interests:  How to foster creativity and innovation in higher ed & corporate settings, interdisciplinary learning, and lifelong learning.

Background: Microbiology (BS), Science, Technology, and Innovation Management  (MSc), 

Email: ccuesta@purdue.edu

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Suzhen Duan
PhD Student

Research interests: Application of positive psychology interventions (PPIs) in instructional design and attitudinal learning.

Professional/educational background: Over 10 years of experience in online learning technology.

Email: duan63@purdue.edu

Nathan Hilliard
PhD Student

Research interests: self-assessment, motivation, and liminality

Email: nhilliar@purdue.edu

Brantly McCord
PhD Student

Research interests: video game development education and cooperation

Email: mccord4@purdue.edu

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Mohan Yang
PhD Candidate

Research interests: learning experience design, performance improvement (Human performance technology), authentic learning and design, online learning, attitudinal learning, Universal Design for Learning.

Email: yang1178@purdue.edu

Ryan Wynkoop
PhD Student

Professional/educational background: Agricultural Education (BS, 09) Agricultural and Extension Education (MS, 11), current Ph.D. student in LDT

Email: rwynkoop@purdue.edu