Project Title

Evaluation of the Transdisciplinary Studies in Technology Program at Purdue Polytechnic

About This Research Project

The Transdisciplinary Studies in Technology Program is a state-of-the-art program that involves use of combinations of educational approaches, including competency-based education, transdisciplinary education, active learning, and project-based learning. The goal of the current project is to provide program evaluation and exploration of the effectiveness of educational innovations.


Mixed-methods research

Key Publications

Ashby, I., Caskurlu, S., & Exter, M. (2018). Evolving roles of faculty at a new competency-based transdisciplinary program. Journal of Competency-Based Education, 3(1), e01059

Ashby, I., Exter, M., & Varner, D. (in press). Developing cross-cutting competencies for a transdisciplinary world: An extension of Bloom’s Taxonomy. In Hokanson, B., Clinton, G., Schmidt, M., Grincewicz, A. & Tawfik, A. (Eds.) (2019). A new Focus for Learning: Educational Technology Beyond Content. New York: Springer-Verlag. [public release anticipated November 2019]

de Cresce El Debs, L., Miller, K. D., Ashby, I., & Exter, M. (2018). Students’ perspectives on different teaching methods: Comparing newly developed and traditional courses in a technology program. Research in Science & Technological Education [electronic journal]

Exter, M., Ashby, I. & Cascurlu, S. (2019). Elusive expectations for a novel program design: Contrast between program intentions and student recruitment and retention. Journal of Competency-Based Education, e1192