What the Course is About

In this hands-on course, you will work in interdisciplinary teams to design and prototype educational software to be used in a K-12, higher education, or work/community setting by real clients.

You will learn the processes and terminology used by specialists from different disciplines to design and develop software, collaborate with students with different skill-sets, work with clients and users, design, test, and evaluate your prototypes, and plan for how the solution can be taken to the market.

All Majors Welcome! No Programming Experience Required

What Students Did in the Past

  • Middle school guide to prepare for college
  • Entomology and health living conditions for high-schoolers—gamification of learning
  • Redesign of badge system interface
  • Japanese language learning software
  • Pre-pilot training site; non-toxic pest control
  • Redesign of the intake system for a student design center
  • Use of a haptic system in a college-level physics
  • Revisualization of time management system for individuals with ADHD
  • Job skills for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Here are some examples: