• Enhancing Fall Protection Training for Construction Sites with Virtual Reality (AECT 2020 presentation)

Falls continue to be the leading cause of injury or death at construction sites. Traditional protection training is often delivered using PowerPoint slides with no opportunity to practice. This design case demonstrates a Virtual Reality training program guided by Self-Determination Theory and scenario-based learning. Feedback from a small-scale pilot suggested the VR training provided a more realistic learning experience than traditional lecture style training and enhanced the participants’ competency in identifying safety issues at work.

The simulation can be found here: https://purr.purdue.edu/publications/3286/1

Jenkins, J. L., Takahashi, G., Huang, W. J., McGraw, J., Luginbuhl, A. D., Theademan, L. (2020). OSHA funded Fall Safety VR Training Simulator. Purdue University Research Repository. doi:10.4231/Z77S-QH47