Challenges for graduate students (and faculty!)

  • Enculturation into academic life requires acquiring tacit knowledge of norms, traditions, expectations, and behaviors that may not be as accessible outside of the program or department (Becher & Trowler, 2001; Golde, 2008)
  • Getting used to culture of the program, college, and university
  • Creating a new social network
  • Creating a new identity
  • Challenges of research, funding and job search
  • Time management: balancing course load, teaching, research, engagement, and (!) home life
  • Imposter syndrome

Our Perspective: Why did we want a “research family”?

We are a diverse group in terms of:

  • Professional backgrounds and experiences (instructional design, k12 education, graphic design, game design, linguistics, etc.)
  • Current areas of interest and fields of study (attracted a few members from different colleges)
  • Geographic and cultural backgrounds
  • Academic interests 
  • Professional and personal goals
  • “Personal stuff” (from mental health to family obligations to responses to current events)

Publications and Presentations

Exter, M., Huang, W., & Ashby, I. (2020). Creating a Research Family: Negotiating Mentorship and Collaboration. Presented at the 2020 Virtual AECT Convention.